Top Wedding Florists in Cleveland Ohio 2024

May 25, 2024

Photo provided by Revery Rentals

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing the beauty of countless weddings. Flowers have the power to elevate the ambiance and bring a touch of magic to any wedding. In Cleveland (and Northeast Ohio), we’re fortunate to have a wide selection of talented wedding florists who can transform your vision into reality.

Having such an abundance of Cleveland florist options can lead to feeling overwhelmed and stuck in analysis paralysis. Rightfully so as choosing a wedding florist is just as important a decision you’ll make, as selecting your Cleveland Wedding Photographer or Cleveland wedding planner.

But don’t fret! I’m here to assist you in navigating through the fields of choices (Dad joke/pun intended 😜). To make your search easier, I’ve compiled this article, where we will explore some of my top florists in Cleveland and other areas of Ohio, to help you find the perfect floral artist for your special day!

Merkels Floral Studio

Photo provided by Merkels Floral Studio

Serving Mentor, Ohio, since 1940, Merkels Floral Studio has a long-standing reputation for excellence. Kristin, who took over in 2018, brings a unique blend of fine art and hospitality experience from her time owning a diner. She and her team transform floral visions into artistic realities, creating unique, one-of-a-kind arrangements that elevate any occasion, especially weddings.

Offering 365 day a year wedding floral service with their storefront, Merkels provides full setup, venue transitions, end-of-night retrievals, and more. Their white glove service ensures everything runs smoothly.

Specializing in impactful floral statement pieces that fit within your budget, Kristin collaborates closely with planners to make every wedding unique. Merkels work is even the exclusive florist for the gorgeous Sugar Lake venue.

Photo provided by Merkels Floral Studio

Committed to sustainability, Kristin uses local flowers as much as possible to support local businesses and growers. She embraces all styles, ensuring that every creation is truly special and tailored to the couple’s vision.

Overall, Merkels is a one-stop floral shop that provides impeccable service. With a commitment to fresh, beautiful creations, Merkels brings your floral dreams to life with unmatched artistry and a personal touch. As Kristin says, “allowing your dream wedding to become a reality.”


Instagram: @merkelsfloralstudio

Phone Number: 440-946-1220


Address: Mentor, OH 44060

JorgieLee Weddings

Photo provided by JorgieLee Weddings

Meet Jordan, the visionary behind JorgieLee Weddings. While Jordan had dabbled in weddings in the past, it wasn’t until 2019 that JorgieLee Weddings was born, bringing to light her love for the hands-on aspects of wedding floral design.

What sets Jordan apart is her ability to weave together captivating color palettes and sculpt textural floral designs. She’ll never back down from the challenge! Steering away from the conventional, Jordan’s design aesthetic skews towards the edgier side.

Jordan finds inspiration in moody color palettes, textural floral design and openminded couples that are drawn to the the unique and the extraordinary over “cookie cutter”. Clients lean on Jordan and her wealth of design experience to bring their visions to fruition.

Photo provided by JorgieLee Weddings

Collaboration is at the heart of Jordan’s philosophy, working hand in hand with planners and other vendors to orchestrate installations that will take your breathe away.

But perhaps what truly sets JorgieLee Weddings apart is Jordan’s ability and desire to effortlessly lift the weight off couples’ shoulders when it comes to all things floral.

Revery Rentals

Photo provided by Revery Rentals

Revery Rentals, the sister company of JorgieLee Weddings, specializes in floral rentals, offering an array of blooms for all wedding needs. From stunning arches to elegant aisle flowers, their selection maximizes floral budgets without compromising on quality elsewhere. Floral rentals are the secret ingredient to achieving grand, statement pieces, making luxurious floral arrangements accessible to a wider audience. With Revery Rentals, every couple can infuse their special day with the beauty and elegance of fresh blooms, transforming their vision into reality.

Website: |

Instagram: @jorgieleeweddings | @reveryrentals

Phone Number: 330-860-0680


Address: Cleveland, OH 44101

Story Floral Design

Photo provided by Story Floral Design

For Anna, the owner at Story Floral Design, floral design is not just a profession but a lifelong journey nurtured by her upbringing in a family where her mother worked in floral as well.

Fuelled by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and creativity, Anna approaches each floral arrangement with boundless ambition. At the heart of Story Floral Design’s craft lies a profound appreciation for storytelling, where every bloom is thoughtfully curated to reflect the unique narrative of each couple. With a commitment to excellence and a deliberate focus, Anna selectively takes on a limited number of weddings per year, ensuring that each wedding receives her undivided attention and purposeful intent.

Known for her strong passion for unique installations, Anna isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of creativity. Sustainability is not just a buzzword for Anna but a guide, inspiring her to seek out innovative solutions for eco-friendly installations that leave a lasting impression without leaving a footprint.

Photo provided by Story Floral Design

What truly distinguishes Story Floral Design is Anna’s ability to forge meaningful connections, both with her couples and the vendors she collaborates with. Anna ensures that every installation is a symphony of beauty and love.

For Anna, wedding florals are more than just decorations—they evoke emotions, as well as carry the stories of the couple and their love. With Story Floral Design, Anna not only crafts stunning floral arrangements but also weaves enchanting tales that linger in the hearts of all who behold them.


Instagram: @storyfloraldesign


So Bloom

Photo provided by So Bloom

So Bloom, a family-owned floral studio, has been infusing weddings with Mediterranean elegance and modernist flair since its inception in 2012. Founded by Sophie in her home, the business has flourished into a beloved one-stop-shop for all decor and floral needs. Now calling Rocky River home for the past five years, this shop and showroom operates by appointment only, ensuring each client receives a personalized experience.

So Bloom’s offerings extend far beyond fresh florals—they provide an array of rentals, including backdrop walls, floral installations, vases, candles, and more. Their dedication to quality shines through in their commitment to using only fresh flowers, sourced from destinations like California, Holland, Canada, and Florida.

Photo provided by So Bloom

So Bloom is a tight-knit, family-run operation, assisted by her daughter, Marie-Louise. So Bloom is deeply rooted in their Lebanese heritage. This cultural background not only fosters a warm, family-oriented atmosphere but also serves as a rich source of inspiration for their designs, blending Mediterranean charm with a unique modernist yet classic look.

A standout feature of So Bloom is their mastery of “flexing,” a technique where rose petals are flexed to resemble different flowers, allowing for diverse and innovative designs. Whether a couple’s vision is whimsical, edgy, or timeless, So Bloom’s versatility ensures their floral dreams become a reality.

Sophie and Marie-Louise cherish the magical moments when couples see their wedding vision come to life. Every design is crafted with care, aiming to evoke joy and awe, making the planning process as memorable as the big day itself. With So Bloom, couples are not just getting floral arrangements—they are embarking on a curated design experience that transforms their wedding into an unforgettable celebration.

Instagram: @sobloom

Phone Number: 216-633-6066 | 216-633-8788


Address: 19680 Center Ridge Rd, Rocky River, Ohio 44116

Photo Credit: Aaron Aldhizer Photography


We’re truly lucky to have such talented florists right here in Cleveland Ohio. Whether having had the pleasure of working with them on weddings in the past or personally sitting down and getting to know them and their business, I can vouch for outstanding ingenuity, second-to-none creativity and thorough attention to detail. Trust me, any one of these florists will be one of the best decisions you make for your wedding day.

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