Top Wedding Florists in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 2024

June 12, 2024

Photo by Ana Hinojosa | Courtesy of The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing the beauty of countless weddings. Flowers have the power to elevate the ambiance and bring a touch of magic to any wedding. In Pittsburgh (and Western Pennsylvania), we’re fortunate to have a wide selection of talented wedding florists who can transform your vision into reality.

Having such an abundance of Pittsburgh florist options can lead to feeling overwhelmed and stuck in analysis paralysis. Rightfully so as choosing a wedding florist is just as important a decision you’ll make, as selecting your Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer.

But don’t fret! I’m here to assist you in navigating through the fields of choices (Dad joke/pun intended ūüėú). To make your search easier, I’ve compiled this article, where we will explore some of my top florists in Pittsburgh and other areas of Western Pennsylvania, to help you find the perfect floral artist for your special day!


Photo provided by greenSinner

At greenSinner, owners Jimmy and Jonathan use flowers as tools to tell a story, creating unforgettable events that go beyond traditional floral design. They are not just florists; they are event designers who curate emotions and set the stage for their clients’ most special moments. Their approach is eclectic, utilitarian, and deeply client-driven, making each event a unique reflection of the clients they come to know very well.

What truly sets greenSinner apart is their ability to unlock what’s in their clients’ hearts. They don’t just create floral arrangements; they design entire experiences based on their clients’ visions. They pride themselves on working in the same spaces repeatedly yet celebrating each couple differently. They’re not afraid to question the norm, using theatre magic and transforming spaces into something completely new and unique (even if that sometimes means using thousands of yards of fabric to do so).

Photo by Joey Kennedy Photography | Courtesy of greenSinner

Collaboration is a cornerstone of greenSinner’s philosophy. Jimmy and Jonathan believe that “we’re all in it together at the end of the day,” and they go above and beyond to pick up the slack, even if it’s not theirs to pick up. This teamwork extends to their willingness to build custom furniture and take creative risks, turning the heat up to 1000 degrees when necessary to achieve the desired result.

Photo by All Heart | Courtesy of greenSinner

greenSinner operates an urban farm in Lawrenceville, where they grow roughly 16,000 stems of flowers annually. Their commitment to sustainability is evident as they compost all their waste for local reuse. This dedication to the environment complements their innovative spirit, ensuring that they never do the same thing twice. It’s no suprise that most of their business comes through word of mouth.

greenSinner’s Green Saints program continues to embody their commitment to sustainability and local sourcing. By creating floral pieces from seasonal flowers grown on 11 local farms, they offer a pared-down yet detail-oriented approach. This environmentally friendly method not only supports local agriculture but also ensures that each arrangement is fresh, and tailored to the season. Check out their Green Saints program here to learn more about how they blend sustainability with the greenSinner twist.

greenSinner’s dedication to their clients is unwavering. They strive to create a world for them to live in on their wedding day, making the experience as stress-free and magical as possible. In the glamorous world of event design, greenSinner thrives on the hard, the weird, and the chaos. They embrace the unglamorous tasks with excitement, ensuring every detail contributes to the overall magic of the event. For a truly unique and immersive event design experience, greenSinner provides everything you need to make your special day unforgettable.


Instagram: @greensinner

Phone Number: 412-532-6107


Address: 5234 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Julie James Design

Photo by Kaitlin Powell Photography | Courtesy of Julie James Design

Julie James Design offers a unique floral experience, driven by Julie’s outgoing nature and customer-first approach. Having started in a floral shop at 16 years old, Julie’s passion for flowers grew into a part-time gig during her college summers and eventually a full-time career in 2013. With years of experience and passionate dedication, Julie’s work speaks for itself.

What truly sets Julie apart is her genuine care for her clients and her unwavering attention to detail. She believes in putting her clients first, making the entire planning process enjoyable and stress-free. Julie’s down-to-earth nature means she never takes herself too seriously and is always ready to go above and beyond to meet her clients’ needs.

Dubbed the “texture queen”, Julie’s designs are celebrated for their rich, tactile quality. She has a passion for creating big installations and stunning bridal bouquets, and she always tries to source flowers locally when the season allows. Sticking to her intentional mindset, Julie often encourages couples to focus their budget on the most photographed floral elements, ensuring that every moment is captured beautifully.

Photo by Michael Will Photography | Courtesy of Julie James Design

Julie’s small team of employees shares her commitment to excellent customer service, making collaboration easy and enjoyable. She approaches everything with intentionality, thinking ahead to ensure her designs work harmoniously with the space and not against them.

Julie James Design offers a personalized, modern floral experience that avoids overwhelming couples with needless options. Julie’s unique ability to bring an element of fun to the process makes her a joy to work with, and her dedication to her clients ensures mind-blowing results.

Overall, Julie James Design provides a fun and effortless floral design experience, characterized by stunning, textured arrangements and unparalleled customer service. For couples seeking a wedding-specific florist who makes the process enjoyable and delivers exceptional results, Julie James Design is the perfect choice.


Instagram: @juliejamesdesign

Phone Number: 609-346-2995


Address: Pittsburgh, PA 15201

The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers

Photo provided by The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers

The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers, founded by Lauren in 2013, began as a solo venture operating out of her apartment. Growing as many flowers as she could, The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers quickly bloomed into something much larger. By 2015, the business had expanded enough to open its first brick-and-mortar location, where a team of creative professionals now helps make the magic happen.

The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers is committed to using locally sourced blooms and seasonal offerings. They focus on growing what they can themselves, ensuring their arrangements are fresh, natural, and unique.

What sets The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers apart is the relationships they build with their clients are personal and long-lasting. Couples often return for other life milestones, from baby showers and birthday celebrations to holiday workshops. Their comfortable and accessible approach makes every interaction meaningful and ensures all clients feel valued.

Photo by Paul Michael Phillips | Courtesy of The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers

Specializing in more than just weddings, The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers is known for their unique floral arrangements and unexpected color combinations. During the growing season, they cultivate over 3,000 plants in various varieties and colors, creating arrangements that often leave people saying, “we’ve never seen flowers like that!” Their ability to get their hands on unusual flowers adds a distinctive flair that can’t be easily found through wholesalers.

Having been part of the Pittsburgh market for over a decade, they have strong relationships with local vendors and venues. Being on the preferred vendor list of most venues makes the process seamless, ensuring each wedding or event is perfectly coordinated and executed.

The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers provides full-service floral design for large-scale events, offering personalized consultations to tailor every detail to the client’s style, aesthetic, and personality. Their custom approach, combined with their unique style, results in truly memorable and custom floral experiences. Whether it‚Äôs for a wedding or another significant event, The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers brings a touch of magic to every occasion.


Instagram: @thefarmersdaughterflowers

Phone Number: 412-231-1238


Address: 502 E Ohio St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Sapphire & Lace

Photo by Abbie Tyler Photography | Courtesy of Sapphire & Lace

Sapphire & Lace, started by sisters Bethany and Julie in 2014, began as a small operation in their mother’s basement. Bethany, who found her passion for creative event design while working for a planner after college, teamed up with Julie to turn Sapphire & Lace into reality.

In 2017, they opened The Flower Cottage, a cozy and intimate venue perfect for gatherings of 30 people or less. This space also hosts workshops where they share their love for florals with the community. As the business grew, so did their team, transforming from a two-person operation into a close-knit group of full-time employees.

Photo provided by Sapphire & Lace

What truly sets Sapphire & Lace apart is their attention to detail and the genuine care they put into each project. Their strong, reliable team handles various aspects of floral design with skill and dedication. They are deeply committed to their clients, making the planning process enjoyable and stress-free.

Bethany and Julie make it a priority to tour venues with their couples, even bringing a practice centerpiece to provide a real sense of the final look. They guide their clients through the wedding journey, ensuring every detail aligns with their vision. They believe that flowers bring everything together and make events truly come alive.

Photo by Abbie Tyler Photography | Courtesy of Sapphire & Lace

Sapphire & Lace excels in creating unique, creative installations that serve as statement pieces at venues. They love turning ordinary spaces into something extraordinary, skillfully overcoming design challenges to make their clients’ dreams a reality. Their collaborative spirit extends to working closely with planners and maintaining open communication, especially in the crucial weeks leading up to the wedding.

At Sapphire & Lace, going above and beyond is the norm. They offer a family-style approach and a listening ear to every client’s wedding hopes and dreams. With the freshest products and the most beautiful flowers imaginable, they ensure each event is as magical as it can be. For a truly heartfelt and detailed floral design experience, Sapphire & Lace is the perfect choice.

Sophie and Marie-Louise cherish the magical moments when couples see their wedding vision come to life. Every design is crafted with care, aiming to evoke joy and awe, making the planning process as memorable as the big day itself. With So Bloom, couples are not just getting floral arrangements‚ÄĒthey are embarking on a curated design experience that transforms their wedding into an unforgettable celebration.


Instagram: @sapphireandlace

Phone Number: 724-933-0108


Address: 10913 Perry Highway, Wexford, PA 15090 (*by appointment)

Photo provided by Sapphire & Lace


We’re truly lucky to have such talented florists right here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Whether having had the pleasure of working with them on weddings in the past or personally sitting down and getting to know them and their business, I can vouch for outstanding ingenuity, second-to-none creativity and thorough attention to detail. Trust me, any one of these florists will be one of the best decisions you make for your wedding day.

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