Top Wedding Planners in Columbus Ohio 2024

July 3, 2024

Photo by Starling Studio | Courtesy of Berlyn Events

Newly engaged? Congratulations!! This next chapter is an exciting time but is also filled with lots of important decisions to make. It’s easy to get analysis paralysis with so many vendor options out there. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you navigate through it all.

Planning your dream wedding starts with selecting the right vendors. To make your search easier, I’ve compiled a list of some of the top wedding planners in Columbus Ohio. Choosing a wedding planner is one of the first and most important decisions you’ll make, alongside selecting your Wedding Photographer in Columbus. I’ve personally done the leg work and made the phone calls, so you don’t have to! I’ve gathered information and knowledge from each to help you narrow down your options and ensure that your wedding day is everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

Whether you’re envisioning a classic affair or a modern celebration, these Columbus wedding planners have the skills and creativity to bring your vision to life.

Berlyn Events

Photo by Starling Studio | Courtesy of Berlyn Events

Some truly magical things can happen when creativity meets meticulous organization, all under the expert guidance of Berlyn. Founded in 2017, Berlyn Events draws from Berlyn’s rich background in theatre design technology, including stage and costume design. Her diverse skill set, further honed through experiences like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York and work in print and film, allows her to create truly unforgettable events.

Berlyn’s journey into wedding planning began when she recognized that engaged couples needed help navigating the complexities of their special day. Her goal is to honor and tell each couple’s unique story through their wedding, while ensuring it remains authentic to them. She firmly believes in the importance of vibing well with your planner, as they are one of the key vendors you’ll spend the most time with.

What sets Berlyn Events apart is their dedication to modern couples who want exceptional guest experiences and once-in-a-lifetime memories. Berlyn seamlessly blends her creativity with military-grade organization to bring these visions to life. As a proud advocate for the queer community, her services are inclusive and welcoming to all, making every couple feel celebrated and supported.

Photo by Starling Studio | Courtesy of Berlyn Events

Berlyn Events offers three signature collections, designed for flexibility and comprehensiveness, much like a ridesharing experience. The baseline package, or Wedding Management, allows clients to drive, or take the lead while Berlyn steps in towards the end to ensure everything finishes smoothly. Premium Management is like having Berlyn as your co-pilot, providing additional consultation hours and guidance throughout the planning process. For those seeking the ultimate service, Full Planning and Design has Berlyn handling every detail from start to finish, letting her clients truly live in the moment and enjoy their day without any worries.

Berlyn is known for her no-BS approach and honest counsel. She vibes with couples who don’t take themselves too seriously, understanding that while things can go wrong, they can and will be handled with grace and humor. Berlyn and her team are second to none when it comes to anticipating potential issues and solving them before they arise, always being over-prepared and having backup plans for their backup plans.

Berlyn sees vendors as extensions of her clients, making vendor collaboration key and integral in creating a wedding experience her couples and guests will never forget. She ensures vendors have the tools they need to perform their best, while fostering a harmonious and collaborative environment. Berlyn even takes things to the next level and provides renderings of venue space design beforehand to ensure every detail is exactly how it was dreamt up.

Photo by Starling Studio | Courtesy of Berlyn Events

Berlyn wholeheartedly encourages her couples to embrace their quirks and loves to give them the validation and permission to “do the weird”. It is apparent that she is passionate about giving couples the freedom to follow their hearts, ensuring their wedding day is memorable for all the right reasons and that it truly reflects their unique personalities. (Want a snail themed wedding? Consider it done!)

With Berlyn Events, you can relax and savor every moment of your special day, confident that every detail is being managed with the utmost expertise and care. Berlyn has your back and is dedicated to making sure your wedding is everything you’ve dreamed of and more, giving you the genuine, unforgettable experience you deserve.


Instagram: @berlynevents

Phone Number: 614-468-3595


Address: Columbus, OH 43228

Rooted Together

Photo by Peak & Sparrow | Courtesy of Rooted Together

Rooted Together, led by the thoughtful and passionate Courtney, offers full-service wedding and event planning with a focus on quality and an elevated experience. Courtney began her journey in the planning industry in 2017 and officially launched her business in 2020. Though she never intended to run her own business, she instantly fell in love with wedding planning, finding it to be the perfect outlet for her creativity to thrive in.

Courtney structured Rooted Together to emphasize quality over quantity, providing a white-glove experience that goes above and beyond for every client. By limiting the number of weddings she takes on each year, she ensures each couple receives her full undivided attention. For her full-service clients, Courtney is there not just for the wedding day but for the entire wedding week, offering a hands-on, boutique experience from beginning to end.

Understanding that her clients often have demanding jobs, she becomes the main point of contact for all their vendors. She meticulously manages every detail, bringing information to her clients for approval and acting as their advocate. Known for geeking out on the details, she works tirelessly to ensure everything is perfect.

Photo by Derk’s Works Photography | Courtesy of Rooted Together

Rooted Together also specializes in party planning, with many couples returning for other life events. Courtney loves building relationships and guiding her clients through all the joyous stages of life. Rooted Together offers a range of rentals, including a photo booth, bars, mirrors, table numbers, and stands, ensuring every detail you can think of is covered.

Courtney believes in collaborating closely with vendors to achieve the common goal of creating stunning and memorable weddings. Her dedication and hard work shine through in every wedding and event she plans. Her clients trust her instincts, expertise, intentionality, and the elevated experience she brings to the planning process. Courtney’s work speaks for itself!

Photo by Derk’s Works Photography | Courtesy of Rooted Together

If you want a wedding that feels exciting, elegant, intentional, and leaves your guests raving for years to come… then leave the planning to Rooted Together. Courtney provides clients with expertise, peace of mind, and an unforgettable, beautifully produced wedding.


Instagram: @rootedtogetherevents

Phone Number: 614-309-1351


Address: 3880 Clime Road, Columbus, OH 43228

Tracey Castrejón

Photo by Kelly Sullivan Photography | Courtesy of Tracey Castrejón

When it comes to creating unforgettable wedding experiences, Tracey Castrejón stands out with her unique blend of creativity, meticulous attention to detail, and a deep commitment to her clients. Coming from a rich background in venue and food and beverage management, Tracey possesses a rare talent for understanding the finer points of event logistics. Her ability to pick apart puzzles and find the perfect solution ensures that every event runs smoothly, with no detail overlooked.

Tracey’s experience revealed her true resilience and adaptability, teaching her valuable lessons about the essence of her character. These experiences have only strengthened her dedication to her craft, enabling her to provide unparalleled service to her couples. Her approach is much like fitting a glass slipper, offering customized, five-star service that ensures each client feels uniquely cared for.

Leading a small, expert team, Tracey ensures that her couples receive a white glove service. Her team operates discreetly in the background, managing every aspect of the wedding day without drawing attention, so that all eyes stay on you! This silent service approach guarantees a seamless and stress-free experience for the couple and their guests.

Photo by Kismet Visuals | Courtesy of Tracey Castrejón

Tracey offers three forms of planning: full planning, partial planning, and wedding management, catering to different levels of support and involvement. No task is too small for her and her team, who act like a top-notch hotel concierge. Whether it’s picking up lunch, steaming bridesmaid dresses, arranging transportation, or setting up photo details, Tracey ensures everything is impeccably handled.

One of Tracey’s distinct strengths is her ability to provide couples with a clear perspective on what their wedding day could look and feel like. She excels in offering a streamlined flow to the event, ensuring that everything is perfectly timed and executed. Her foresight and logistics knowledge make her an invaluable asset in wedding planning.

With Tracey Castrejón, couples can “say yes to no stress.” Her dedication to going above and beyond ensures that nothing weighs on the couple during their special day. Tracey and her team provide an experience that is both luxurious and personalized, making every wedding a unique and memorable celebration. For couples seeking a wedding planner who offers a deep connection, unmatched service, and a stress-free experience, Tracey Castrejón is the perfect choice.


Instagram: @tracey.castrejon

Phone Number: 614-400-8994

Email: |

Address: Columbus, OH 43228

Photo by Sara Campbell Photography | Courtesy of Tracey Castrejón


We’re truly lucky to have such talented wedding planners right here in Columbus Ohio. Whether having had the pleasure of working with them on weddings in the past or personally sitting down and getting to know them and their business, I can vouch for the exceptional creativity and meticulous attention to detail. Trust me, any one of these planners will be one of the best decisions you make for your wedding day.

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