5 Ways to Have A Stress Free Wedding and the Best Photographs Ever!

June 13, 2023

Groom shares a dance with his bride on their wedding day, surrounding by all their friends and family during a private lakeside wedding in Rocky River, Ohio. Photo taken by Cleveland Wedding photographer Aaron Aldhizer

See this image above? That’s the exact feeling I want you to experience on your special day!

As a seasoned wedding photographer with over 7 years of experience, I understand the importance of creating a stress-free and immensely enjoyable wedding experience. Through my observations, I’ve noticed a few key elements that contribute to such weddings, ensuring not only a seamless celebration but also with the best wedding photographs!

TIP #1

Finding the Perfect Setting

Planning a wedding can feel overwhelming at times, but fear not! I’m here to guide you towards a smooth journey. One crucial piece of advice is to keep everything within close proximity. Ideally, hosting both your ceremony and reception at the same venue offers unparalleled convenience for you and your guests. To help you explore some remarkable Cleveland Wedding Venues, I’ve curated a list of my personal favorites. However, if you have your heart set on a specific church for the ceremony, worry not. Simply aim to minimize travel distances between venues and keep everything as close as possible.

This principle extends to the getting-ready process as well. If the groom’s location is 36 minutes away from the bride’s, it might potentially disrupt your plans.

TIP #2

Embrace being Unplugged

bride and groom hugs and embraces while taking in a surprise firework display during their intimate wedding reception. Aurora Ohio. Photo taken by Cleveland Wedding Photographer Aaron Aldhizer

When you envision your wedding day, you imagine it as the epitome of perfection, right? Years from now, as you reminisce through your photographs, you want to recall the flawless essence of your celebration.

However, in our social media-driven society, I’ve witnessed a growing trend of guests leaning into the aisle, fixated on capturing the “perfect shot” with their iPhones. Unfortunately, this distracts them from fully immersing themselves in the joyous occasion that you meticulously planned. Surely, this isn’t the way you wish to remember your wedding day.

But here’s the silver lining: You’ve already made a brilliant choice by hiring an exceptional photographer—someone who will skillfully capture every remarkable moment, providing high-quality images for you and your guests to share as much as you desire.

To avoid this , it’s essential to communicate your preference for an unplugged wedding. Encourage your loved ones to stow away their phones, iPads, (and yes even laptops, I’ve really had this happen) and be present in the moment. You can find wonderful ideas and signs available for purchase on Etsy, or you may have your officiant kindly announce it before the ceremony begins.

TIP #3 (This is an important one!)

Embrace the Play of Light

Bride and groom kissing each other and at sunset on their wedding day at Blue Heron Brewery & Event Center. Photo taken by Cleveland Wedding photographer Aaron Aldhizer

Allow me to share something of utmost importance with you. While it may sound self-serving coming from a photographer, I assure you it stems from my genuine desire to create remarkable photographs that speak to your hearts.

Lighting—this is the key to extraordinary photography. Knowledge, problem-solving, technique, and gear certainly matter, but lighting holds importance.

It shapes each photograph, infuses a unique touch, and simply elevates the overall aesthetic. Among the various lighting options, natural light stands out as the most flattering and exquisite. For the most significant day of your life, strive to incorporate as much natural light as possible into your schedule, particularly during key photography moments such as the wedding party, family formals, and your portraits. Embrace the enchanting allure natural light adds to your images.

Indoors, windows are your friends! Seek them out! 

One concern you might have is unpredictable weather, especially here in Ohio. What if the sun refuses to come out? Fear not! As a skilled photographer, I come prepared with my own lighting equipment, ensuring that even without sunlight, I can still create stunning artwork that remains authentic. Check out some of the captivating images I’ve crafted even after the sun has set.

TIP #4

Embrace Your Unique Story

bride and groom in a white dress and black tux, kissing in Cuyahoga Valley National Park on their wedding day. Photo taken by Cleveland wedding photographer Aaron Aldhizer

When I present your wedding album, my greatest desire is for you to  truly feel that it captured you and your unique story!

I want you to be all like……

Your photographs won’t only be stunning—they will depict your authentic essence and narrative. If getting ready at home holds profound meaning for you, let’s make it happen. If you decide to forgo a creative session to visit your Mammaw at the nursing home, I’ll be there to capture those cherished moments. And if a small local Italian restaurant holds a special place in your hearts because it was where you had your first date, let’s definitely capture some extraordinary photographs there!

Many couples obsess over specific photo locations, but I encourage you to go beyond that and reflect on the “why.” Together, we’ll uncover a location that perfectly tells your unique story.

TIP #5

Embrace the Imperfections, and Roll with the Punches

Bride and groom embrace in a kiss at sunset golden hour on their wedding day at the Overlook of Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens. Photo taken by Cleveland Wedding photographer Aaron Aldhizer

According to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. While we shouldn’t live our lives waiting for impending bad luck, it serves as a valuable reminder to let go.

On your wedding day, this lesson becomes even more crucial. The arrival time of the doughnuts or cupcakes, your cousin running behind schedule, or the pesky button that suddenly breaks on your dress—these things may initially appear significant, but in reality, they’re minute in the grand scheme of things. Just remember, you’re getting married!!!

Believe me when I say, “The venue, guests, officiant, band, and servers—all of them will wait for you.” You are the centerpiece of the day, and nothing can proceed until you’re ready.

Although not everything may go according to plan, I promise you, in the long run, it won’t matter. So, no matter the hiccup, simply repeat this mantra:

“It’s just a _____. It’s not going to ruin my day!”

Rest assured, I’ve got you!

Wedding planning can occasionally be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. The tips I’ve shared are based on my extensive experience, having photographed numerous weddings throughout the years.

By choosing Aaron Aldhizer Photography, you can trust that your photography needs are in expert hands. My intentional process gets to the heart of YOU as a couple and as individuals. This means you are able to be fully present and enjoy your own wedding, knowing you will have Genuine, Timeless images that will reflect heartfelt connection and moments of joy.

If you’d like to discuss your wedding day further or explore favorite local locations for engagement shoots, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m excited to connect and assist you on this incredible journey!

I hope you find these tips valuable in creating a stress-free wedding day!

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